Displaying a PDF on Your WordPress Site

Have you ever had the need to display a PDF on your website? Luckily, in the world of plugins, there is one for you! There are a few different 3D Flipbook plugins, but my favorite is DearFlip – WordPress 3D Flipbook, PDF Flipbook.

This plugin successfully displays your PDF as a flipbook. There is a full version, but I have found the free version has enough customizable features to my liking. I personally liked how you could change the background color and disable the flip sounds. The navigation bar on bottom of the PDF is also very clean. Below is an example of the plugin in action.

The icons at the bottom of the PDF allow you to flip tot he next page, toggle thumbnails, zoom in and zoom out, enter full screen, share the PDF, and access more features such as downloading it.

Header Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash