DigPINS: Networking Week

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My favorite thing from networking week was the game by Nicki Case. I found this very entertaining and informative at the same time. Many elements work together to achieve this.


To begin with, it has very clean and interactive graphics. Your cursor is a pencil that the circles’ eyes follow around. The hand drawn typography and transitions between sections of the activity give it an organic feel of learning from a teacher’s writing on a chalkboard.

Here you can see the handwritten font and how the circles’ faces follow the pencil cursor


The user interface for interaction is very simple, making understanding how to play to activities easy. This means the player can focus on the actual concept behind the game rather than how to play the game.


The buttons to navigate the game are also entertaining. They are not your typical “Next” buttons, but rather have phrases on them to keep you engaged.

This button is just one of many examples of fun phrases Case uses


Nicki Case includes relatable examples when explaining concepts too. This helps the user understand the concepts better to play the game. They are also a little entertaining too.


The music chosen to play in the background of the activity also helps keep the user engaged. There are also fun sound effects when drawing and erasing.