Customizing WordPress’ Copyright Footer

Every theme you can install on WordPress comes with its own copyright text typically located in the footer. Some themes have it built into their theme customizer to customize this footer. Before reading on, I’d dig around in your theme’s customizer window to see if your theme has this built in. For example, on my other site, you can specify this text in the “Site Identity” tab.

Theme Customizer Site Identity tab from

But what if your theme doesn’t? We can utilize the “Additional CSS” tab in the theme customizer to customize the footer yourself.

First you need to find how your theme classifies the footer. You can find this by utilizing the inspect window. Unsure of how to do this? Refer to this blog post to learn how to do so.

Once you’ve found how your theme classifies this, you can head over to your WordPress theme customizer window and navigate to the “Additional CSS” tab.

Now that you’ve found the “Additional CSS” tab, you can copy the following code into your “Additional CSS” tab using the correct class you found before.

.copyright {
    visibility: hidden;
    visibility: visible;
    content: "Copyright \00a9 2020 Annicka's Blog";

In this case, the copyright footer’s class was “copyright”, but you can replace that with your theme’s class. The text “\00a9” will convert into the copyright symbol. Feel free to experiment with padding and margins. You can refer to this blog post if you want to try changing the format in ways other than the margin.

It’s worth it to note that if a declaration doesn’t affect the given selector, you may have to add “!important” directly after it before the semicolon to override the theme. Here is an example:

visibility: hidden!important;

Header Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay