Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy takes roots around the fact that every child is unique. I believe that every student brings their own individuality to the classroom and their learning experience. As a teacher, it is my job to foster this and find their best path to success.

The most important thing to a classroom is creating a safe and inclusive community. The only way for a student to fully embrace individuality and feel comfortable learning is through an environment where one feels both safe and respected.

I recognize that with learning, one size does not fit all. I strive to give students choices to engage their curiosities with a variety of learning opportunities catering to their interests and strengths. My hope is that by giving student their own agency, it will foster a lifetime love of learning.

I will hold high but achievable expectations, but embrace any mistakes made along the way as a natural part of the learning process. Everyone makes mistakes, and they deserve compassion and grace. I also acknowledge that I too will make mistakes, and I will embrace and learn from mine.

Technology is a vital part of our society, and I aim to use it to enhance learning. Technology should be used to empower an individual, and the best kind of empowering is the kind through learning.

By utilizing and creating various digital tools and projects, I hope to push the boundaries of what is possible in a classroom. I will foster relationships with faculty members to build trust and allow them to take risks in the classroom with these innovative tools and projects.

Accessibility is crucial and I strive to use technology to reach all types of learners. Through providing one-on-one support with a customized approach for each and every student, staff, or faculty, I hope to provide them all the tools they need for their success.

Finally, in supervising students, I will provide them all the tools they need to succeed both in and outside their academics. With providing them training and projects aligning with their goals and interests, I how to help them reach their full potential before graduating college.