Minecraft Treehouse Progress

If you know anything about me, it might be my love for Minecraft. As an artist, I love the possibilities of building within the world. As a computer programmer, I love experimenting with redstone to automate tasks. Additionally, I suffer from anxiety and the escape into a Minecraft world

This world was a survival world for ReavUK’s Twitch community. Spawn was about 300 blocks away from where I settled in an oak forest next to the ocean, but once I saw this jungle, I knew exactly what I wanted to build: a treehouse.

Location + Block Palette

I picked a spot of the jungle that overlooked both the ocean and the badlands so I could quickly get terracotta (which in my opinion is one of the best blocks). Since I was right next to a great supply of terracotta, I knew I had to incorporate this into my build. I also wanted to utilize jungle wood since I hadn’t used it in a build yet. The jungle planks seemed to stand out well against the bright green jungle and matched nicely with the plain terracotta. To give the walls depth, I used the jungle wood. For nice smooth flooring, I used white terracotta upstairs and grey terracotta downstairs.

Cat Tower!

Of course I had to tame every cat I came across, so I made sense to incorporate a small area for my cats in the build. I used the combination of carpet and scaffolding with fence posts and a trap door for a small kitty jungle gym.


Additionally, I wanted to point out my storage system. It may look plain, but every block on above the chain of chests has been set up with automatic storage (yay!). Luckily someone on our server had set up an iron farm, so getting the resources for this was not as hard as it could’ve been.

Looking Forward

Admittedly, this build is still far from over. I need to convert the torch spam to nice looking lighting. The outside deck is also a tad plain, so I’d like to spruce that up as well along with general decorations on the inside. Stay tuned for an update down the road once it’s finished!