Veggie Sub Taste Test

Recently around the office, my coworkers and I have been ranking fast food restaurants based on certain foods. Why not make these hypothetical rankings a real thing? Instead ordering Jimmy Johns for our lunch meeting (which our department normally does), we decided to change it up by ordering veggie subs from the following places in order to decide who makes the best veggie sub.

  • Jimmy Johns
  • Erbert’s and Gerberts
  • Subway
  • Jersey Mike’s
  • Cousin’s Subs

When ordering we stuck to the rule of ordering each shop’s version of a veggie sandwich without any customizations. The only exception was Jersey Mike’s because their whole menu depends on adding on “Mike’s fixings” for a given sub.

For each sub we ranked both the presentation of the wrapped sub along with the taste. Bonus points were considered for those that included napkins. The ranking was from 1 – 5 (worse – best).

Jimmy JohnsErbert’s & Gerbert’sSubwayJersey Mike’sCousin’s Subs
Weight12.1 oz11.5 oz13.4 oz12.6 oz7.7 oz