Thoughts on Online Classes — Fall 2020

This past semester St. Norbert College put extra safety and technology measures in place to make in-person classes doable. Professors had the option to stay fully in person, conduct their course online, or a mixture of the two. If professors stayed in person, the thought was that there was an online equivalent for those who could not make it physically to class (such as those who were in quarantine). For example, some of my classes offered a Zoom link to join the class synchronously. Others were able to record and post lectures only for asynchronous learning.

My personal favorite of class delivery was in-person instruction that also had a Zoom link to join synchronously. This lessened the pressure of having to be physically in class since there was also a virtual option that allowed you the same experience as in-person. I am a person that suffers from high anxiety, so the pandemic has not been nice to my mental state. Being able to attend without worrying about catching COVID (or more importantly, accidentally spreading it), allowed me to focus on the class material.