Reviving My Tamagotchi

After going through some items from my childhood, I rediscovered my 3rd generation Tamagotchi. I stopped playing with it when I was little once the battery died. To my luck, after opening the back, the old battery had not corroded AND we happened to have the same kind of batteries in my house. About five minutes after having the Tamagotchi in my hand, I had it up and running again. I was now mother to a Tamagotchi named Kelly and slowing relearning what it took to keep a Tamagotchi alive.

I attached Kelly to my AirPods keyring and proceeded to take her everywhere with me. During work, she sat on my desk where I could watch for when she needed things. Luckily, I figured out how to turn the sounds off because MAN they are annoying (thanks mom for putting up with them). There were times when I’d get distracted and come by to an unhappy and hungry Kelly, but I kept up with it for the most part. This went on for a week until Kelly met her untimely demise. Saturday night it slipped my mind and I woke up to a deceased Tamagotchi. Feeling only slightly defeated, I hatched a new egg and became mom to Nancy (not intentionally sticking with names from Stranger Things).

One week went by successfully, but just like Kelly, Nancy passed away Saturday afternoon while I attended my friends wedding. At this point I had no idea how I kept up with this when I was young, but upon hatching my third egg (named Steve because I had to stick with the Stranger Things naming convention at this point) I discovered the pause function.

In conclusion, Tamagotchis are SO much work and I have no idea how I kept any alive as a child. I will be keeping my mainly paused and hopefully will see Steve grow older than “six years” old.