I would say that November has been an emotional rollercoaster. I began the month decompressing from my two back-to-back out-of-state trips. While they were both a blast, I have not done that much traveling since pre-pandemic.

The first weekend in November brought me another wedding for videography. I had so much fun and I hope to continue doing this on the side. Additionally, I finally bought my own domain name for my business and hope to launch that website soon.

The rest of the month was filled with family time. Opening deer hunting weekend is always the time for the family members that don’t hunt to visit us at home. The weekend is filled with Christmas shopping, games, and lots of laughs. Thanksgiving was only 5 days later and filled with the same along with delicious food.



Best Friends Back Alright: my Ologies podcast has been put on a back burner while I finally catch up on all these episodes.


Fortnite: Update for the month’s battle pass: I UNLOCKED THE CELESTIAL SPIDER GWEN SKIN.

Minecraft: One of my friends restarted their server, so it’s time for a whole new base build. My ambitions are high with a large mansion build. A blog post will be in the works.

Obligatory Cat Photo

Although the featured image is the cats, I still needed to end the post with one.