One day away for the official start to spooky season and I’m going to attempt to do monthly updates. We’ll see how well I stick to that and how my updates evolve, but this month I want to capture how I’ve been spending my time. Without further ado, here goes nothing



Ologies: The Ologies Podcast, started in 2017, has absolutely stolen my heart. It is the perfect balance of humor, science, and swear words. Alie Ward does a fantastic job of explaining complex topics AND making the listener (me) engaged with topics I never thought I’d like. I am currently listening in chronological order and am almost to 2020.


Ever since I stumbled on Ologies, I listen to significantly less music as my morning and evening commutes are filled with juicy science facts. With that being said, I haven’t found any new artists, per say, to share, but some of my favorite artists did release new music:

  • MOSS – Maya Hawke
  • Human Overboard – James and the Shame

I can’t finish out the music category without talking about Tenacious D. My fiancĂ© has been a die hard of them since middle school and we were able to get tickets from their Milwaukee show. They put on an AMAZING show.

Movies, TV, etc.

Richard and I FINALLY started watching Game of Thrones (no spoilers). Now that I have HBOMax, we decided to finally start watching it. After two seasons, we are really enjoying it. As always, my mom and I watch Ghost Adventures. With a Spooktober coming up, they started releasing new episodes weekly! I was watching Brooklyn-99, but I wasn’t able to finish the last season before it was removed form Hulu (and I do not have Peacock). Richard and I also caved and bought tickets to Good Mythical Evening, which was well worth it and absolutely hilarious.


September meant the end of the Battle Pass for Fortnite AND I was able to unlock the whole pass (minus the bonus rewards). Besides that, I’ve been back into Minecraft. My friend reset his server and now we’ve been playing more. Stay tuned for a post about my base build!


The biggest update this September doesn’t directly involve me, but three of my nephews started school for the first time. Shoutout to Target for having the same type of water bottle in many different designs (in this case Spider-Man, Batman, Paw Patrol, and Dinosaurs).

Obligatory Cat Photo

I would like to end all of these with an updated photo of my two cats: Goose and Hux. Enjoy this adorable photo of them sleeping on the back of my couch together.